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Best High DA 150+Do Follow web 2.0 Sites List 2020 (Create Free High PR Backlink)

Here i will tell you regarding web 2.0 backlink creation for your search engine optimization. As you already know High quality backlinks are most important to gain  traffic & google ranking & you always want to create free Do-follow backlink for your website to rank.

Best High DA 150+Do Follow web 2.0 Sites List 2020 ( Create Free High PR Backlink )
Best High DA 150+Do Follow web 2.0 Sites List 2020 ( Create Free High PR Backlink )

Hope you already read our previous article regarding  How to do SEO Optimize content writing for Blog & Digital marketing ?  ” & learnt about writing blog description.

Now next step is towards the learning about backlink creation. often marketers & bloggers spent lot of money to third party tool for creating backlink & third party tools just spamming your site which results to the Google put your site in spam to create backlinks

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What is the meaning of Web 2.0 ?

Web 2.0 refers to the 2nd generation of web services evolution, before it if you remember sites don’t allowing user to  interact with Web pages & other users on their platform.

As Web 2.0  introduce now user can interact with web pages. Blog commenting, forums,  social media sites & video sites are the perfect example of this.

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What is the Role of web 2.0 backlink in search engine optimization ?

Web 2.0 sites are High DA PA sites , if you post one guest post or some small article you put their which is pointing to your site by providing hyperlink to keywords.

This High DA PA backlinks create major impact in Google SERP .

Know about Step by Step process of using web 2.0 sites to get backlinks for your SEO Goals

People always have question about ” How can i use web 2.0 sites to get backlinks ?  & create free do-follow backlink ” here i explain you how you can use.

  1. Choose 15+ web 2.0 sites from the list shown in this article ( which matches to your site niche).
  2. Create account in web 2.0 sites.
  3. Create informative content that will redirect to your website by providing hyperlinks.
  4.  Remember not to over-link the topic.
  5. do not spam , post only 1 or 2 article in a day.


Strategy & Rules to create Backlinks on web 2.0 websites

it is not very difficult to decide strategy for backlink creation. just remember whatever topic you choose to write on web 2.0 blog that should be briefly explained on each & every point.

Medium & others blogging post sites are providing huge traffic if your posted article is well organized there.

Tips & tricks for Creating free do-follow backlink

For getting more organic results here we have some tips for you

  • Choose keyword that relates to your original blog post & provide backlink to them only ( should not to more than 5 in a blog-post)
  • Create proper well organised articles
  • Duplication of content not allowed in same site.
  • Do external & internal linking.
  • Article should have images & other details.
  • share web 2.0 article on social platform.

Benefit  of using web 2.0 submission for backlinks creation

  1.  free platform for blog submission by providing guest post &  subdomain (free do-follow backlink.
  2. compare to other third party websites for creating backlink & spamming , web 2.0 submission gives to full access to create anchor text &  keyword backlinking.
  3. unlimited backlinking platform that you create backlink without paying any money.
  4. web 2.0 backlink creation is better approch rather than mailing competitor & asking for guest post .

Is it Ok to create web 2.0 baclink creation for SEO, Does google not penalties for this ?

Web 2.0 SEO technique is good in general practice & google will not penalties for getting backlinks from this way.

just ensure about spamming &  try to create post like your original one so that people can interact  in better way.

How to select web 2.0 site for backlink ?

  1. Choose suitable niche web 2.0 blog site for posting article.
  2. Blog site that having well layout should be used & that allow user to control the article.
  3.  use web 2.0 site which having high DA PA.

Rules for writing blog description on web 2.0 sites

  1.  Article should be latest & on trending topics.
  2. always use images in your content to make explanatory.
  3. Do proper page optimization, you can use Yoast real time content analyzer to check content Quality.
  4. use standard format & layout, not make it very heavy which make it difficult to load.
  5. use separate mail ids for different web 2.0 sites.
  6. don,t post fake news or content.

Here are the List of Best High DA 150+Do Follow web 2.0 Sites List 2020 for Creating Free High PR Backlinks

So here i will provide you Top web 2.0 submission site for creating backlinks. you can choose depending upon your niche & domain requirement.



You can use above web 2.0 websites to create free do-follow backlink for your site . it will help you easy to rank & get quick traffic.

Do you have any suggestion ? please mention below in comment.