I’m S. Mishra. The founder of this blog MySEOQuery.Com and many other online ventures & Startups. Few Of them are shown below.

I’m a professional full-time blogger, a digital marketer, and a trainer. I’m here to help bloggers like you to create an outstanding blog and earn money from it

My Areas Of Expertise

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My Journey

I Started My Blogging Journey when i was in job in 2019 after realizing that Job is uncertain & i have to do something skillful to increase my freedom about money.

The best thing is that I learnt 2 year consistently, invested my time & money to learn what is working & what is not working.

Just before 2nd covid wave i permanently left my job & decided to pursue my blogging business on fulltime basis.

Now I am learning & Sharing my knowledge to other beginner bloggers have a freedom in their life.

Thanks & Regards
S. Mishra

Some Tips For Readers

Keyword Research Tip

One 🎯Keyword Research Technique📝 I want to Reveal, Please Share My Post If You Like….This Technique Is Very Useful only for bloggers who have published 20+ posts approx.:

  • Step 1: Open Google Search Console & Click on last 3 month performance.
  • Step 2: Apply filter on impression, Here you will find Tons of keywords on which your site getting impressions.
  • Step 3: Here you will find related Keywords ideas of already published article on which you can rank easily…Example: If you have already published article “Best PC For Home” you must be getting impressions for “Best PC For Kid or Best PC for Seniors or Best PC For Engineering” ….You can use these keyword to write new content.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tip

  • A person asking for short-term results in blogging or affiliate marketing.
  • Me: My suggestion is you can start with amazon affiliate marketing.
  • He asked: Why?? they offer only 2-3% commission
  • Me: bro, amazon keeps the cookies of every visitor at least for a few hours, which means if they buy a product later then also you get a commission, & benefit is that if visitors buy any other as many as product then you get commission on that also…
  • He asked: Ok, which niche should I choose & what can be the product price.
  • Me: Product price keep more than 500$, & for niche first make keyword & topic list with KGR research so that you have a projection of 90-100 articles…
  • He: why don’t I start with other niche blogging??
  • Me: you can start if you have patience, but I am pretty sure you will get amazing results after 30-40 posts on amazon affiliates.