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Backlink checker seo tool: a complete guide for Backlink

Backlink checker seo tool: a complete guide for Backlink

The links to a website of web page or any link which is received by a web page directory website or top level domain from another website. to find linking backlinks you need Best Backlink checker seo tool.

As long as, There has been many changes in backlinks building. Before google search engines mostly relied to guide their certain algorithms.

The more times an exact match keywords appeared on a page, the better chance it had on being ranked.Google views back links as a sort of vote of confidence much like a recommendation or rating.

Competitively, Backlinks were started with the introduction of penguins and hummingbird algorithm changes made by google in 2012. With this change google introduced semantic search.

However, better backlink building in general still remains a cornerstone for the search engines ranking algorithm and the core elements.

As, it give the opportunity to the normal people like you and me to give vote to the websites which we finds most useful.

What is the best Backlink checker seo tool ?

Free backlink checker tool

What are backlinks in SEO?

Backlink in SEO (search engine optimization) hyperlink from other webpages that links your webpage to someone else website.

Here, to get your page optimize for search engines it’s important to build high-quality SEO backlinks.

Why SEO backlinks is important?

Firstly, if an individual wants a good & high rank in google, it’s important to know the type and nature of SEO back lines. Therefore, it’s important for a person to know about them.

So, here we can classify as good backlinks and bad backlinks

Good SEO backlinks

Good back lines ate those that helps you to generate much & more traffic on your website.

Therefore, it helps you to increase your SERP rankings.

Good back lines score contains

  1. Low spam scores
  2. Do-follow back lines(Do-follow)
  3. High DA (domain authority)
  4. Indexed links

Bad SEO backlinks

Here, bad back links are the manipulative that google recognizes.

These links are created so that it can give quick & fastest boost to search rankings.

But, these bad SEO backlinks have a disadvantage

As a result, if it is recognised by the google then it can lead to penalties which can also lead to drop in your traffic instantly.

Bad back links score contains

  1. High spam scores.
  2. Low DA (domain authority)
  3. Non-Indexed links
  4. Links with common C-Class IP Address.

Here, we give you some examples of links so that you can understand it easily

There are two types of follow links.

  1. Do-follow links

These links have high value.
Whenever, will do do-follow links then it’s direct impact comes on ranking.

Meanwhile, The source sites have the ability to recognize and send signal to the Google that whether your backlink to you counts or not.

  1. No-follow

These links have low value. But not zero-value.

Since, these links doesn’t count points in a page, doesn’t boost page rank and also doesn’t helps to give page placement in SERPs. Example: ,

Now, as we’ve understood the links it might get little easier to understand backlink with its example.

What is an example of backlinks ?

There are many types of other backlinks, some examples

EDU links

The website that realtes to education purpose for  parents, carers & students. It is known as Edulink one.

First off, .edu link doesn’t adhere to be more powerful. But .Edu sites have high domain authority that makes these .edu links valuable.

Additionally, these edu link is an information platform that can work on any device whether it is PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet through edulink app or browser.

.edu links that build some other links are

  1. UCLA accounting link
  2. Cornell influencer marketing link
  3. University of Pennsylvania SEO link

.ORG links

Org stands for “organization” & is used for educational platform and for open source projects.

However, These link has a special benefit & it is easier to get.

It is intended to be used by non-profit organisation and was invented in the year 1985.

Meanwhile, under org an individual can register .org domain with NDC hosting for up to 10 years. And also can enjoy a multitude of options for full control over all its settings.

The method for setting .org domain

  1. Specify your .org domain
  2. Select the registration option
  3. Select the transfer option

-It is a type of unregistered domain name.

– Net 4 offers .org do.ains only for rs.248
– .org domains gives you, Privacy protection, DNS services & 2email IDs of 1 gb I.e each for .org domain registration.

What is a backlink strategy ?

To follow backlink strategies and to know them has become a great part of online marketing.

Since, they help to improve your website’s traffic, rank, reputation.

While back lines are simple in themselves & are understandable to be build in a right way.

Here, we follow some important strategies are

  1. Firstly, make sure that your SEO page is in order and your site speed is high as per the competition.

So, that your site doesn’t take time to get open & blog writer can take reference from your page.

  1. Building out citations on your website: this would include your Name, address, phone number so that for any service other website can redirect to your page.

Also, making your social network profile which will be used in syndication of content, and starting the organic process of traffic using social entity’s.

  1. Start doing niche edits. Or building links using insertion & asking on facebook link exchange groups.

However, build links with link velocity that is same throughout the process.

  1. Email link building : Email link building is a powerful strategy in itself. in this you have to list up similar websites relates to your niche & you have to send mails to site owners.
  2. write statistics based article.

Meanwhile, This would help the main website that is getting the back links using niche edits along with private blog network or public blog network lines.

How do I create backlinks?

Creating back links has its own strategies, but there are some techniques or we could say it has its own step vise methods to to be made.

So, here some easy methods to create back lines which really works:

  1. Write a good article

This is one of the best way to get back links. If you write a good article then other bloggers would like to attach their article to yours.

Hence, your article should be of high-quality.

  1. Guest blogging

It is the mist simple and comfortable way to generate quality blogging.

Therefore, write informative and attractive posts on your blog. This will give you the good back line and will also attract the visitors to read on your website.

  1. Exchanging links with other bloggers

In link exchanging, two different bloggers keep each other’s link on their blog post.
Undoubtedly, this method has guaranteed SEO boost. And the bloggers also received the quality back links

In short, here are some sort to create a backlink

  • Highlight the text you want to act as a link.
  • Then press inter slash edit link.
  • In the pop-up screen enter the URL you want visitors to land on
  • As a result of clicking the text press add link button.