Best Content writing Tool for SEO ( Ultimate research tool)

Best Content writing Tool for SEO ( Ultimate research tool)

Content writing Tool for SEO: Content writing is providing relevant web content. Every website has specific audience. But, competition is acute. Hence, if you want to improve your website’s SEO, you must have to put valuable & fresh insights in your content. Also, you must post all the time to make more involvement of readers.

To be expert in content writing, you should use best tools. Also, many factors should consider in content writing and various tools are available on internet. you can also use Plugin for Automation, But we are presenting best tools after research. these tool is very helpful for content writer. Let’s discuss in brief.

Best Content writing Tool for SEO ( Ultimate research tool)


Tools for Brainstorming Content

To attract audience and make them content hungry, you should come up with new ideas and brainstorming helps to generate new ideas. Following are the best tools used for brainstorming content.

Buzz Sumo

  • BuzzSumo is a site allows you to find new potential ideas by giving results of most shared content on social media. Also, it collects those content which has got more shares, likes and comments.
  • To acquire more about your topic, you can check interviews, videos, newsletters.
How to use Buzz sumo?

1.      Find most shared post

    • Search your keywords in buzzSumo. By applying filters, you can narrow your search by date, type or language. Also, you will be able to see any backlinks of shared content.
    • You can see data in graphs and charts in content analysis tab. It shows specific information such as average length of content, channel used to share it. Also, you can save it for easy recovery.

2.      Find Influencers

  • Influencers are the person who are likely to involve and engage with your content. You can search them by specific type, or location details. Also, do confirm if they are actively engaging with their audience.
  • In addition, influencers ranked on the basis of their followers, comment ratios, retweets and their authority of domain.
  • Also, you will be able to save all influencers at one place and you can share content to them.

3.      Monitoring and analyzing data:

  • BuzzSumo monitors all the brand mentions, keyword mentions, backlinks to a domain and content creation by particular website.
  • It provides email alerts to keep you updated with your topic. Mainly, alert includes graph of topic mentions in last days, weeks or months. Also, it gives braking news related to your content. Moreover, it helps to view details of your competitor’s site.


AnswerThePublic is a keyword search and optimize tool. Tool is used to generate more traffic on your website. Mainly, it searches phrases and keywords used by reader and autocomplete them in the form of search cloud. Cloud includes 5 categories: how, can, are, which & will.

How to use it?
  • In its free version, you may search specific number of keywords per day. Rather, it is not fixed and varies based on traffic at that moment.
  • Paid Subscription is available for unlimited use.
  • It displays phrases used by readers. Also, it helps to optimize your content using real language.
  • Optimization has done in terms of list, table etc. which in turn boosts visibility of your content. This will help you to build trust of readers.
  • Data tab is available which can show the search cloud in table format for the ease of read. There are following sections which covers all type of keywords.

Preposition section: ‘can’, ‘for’, ‘is’, ‘near’, ‘to’, ‘with’ and ‘without’.

Comparison section: ‘and’, ‘like’, ‘versus’, ‘vs’ and ‘or’

Alphabetical Order: A-Z searches

Tools for Performing Robust Keyword Research

Keyword search is an important part of any SEO. By using right keywords, you can attract more audience. Although it can be expensive and time taken activity. Thus, we have found best keyword research tools to improve content.

LSI Keyword Generator

  • Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a technique used to find semantically related topic. Semantically related is nothing but to figure out context related to your keyword or phrase.
  • By using LSI words, google will find our article more relevant and of high quality. Thus, your article will get high rank.
  • Additionally, long trail keywords are important to use in article because they are more specific than only LSI keywords.
  • You can use LSI keywords in subheadings and body of the content.
  • We will see an example. Search car as a keyword. By using LSI technology, it will consider articles having synonym words for car. Also semantically related articles can be visible on google.
How to use it?
  • Not only synonyms but also find related words or phrases on google directly.
  • To find LSI keywords, refer related search articles on google.
  • LSI graph is the effective tool to find maximum semantically related words. Also, it is better than google search methods. Open and search your keyword. It will provide you detailed information of each LSI keywords.

Keyword Finder

  • KWFinder is a tool used to find hidden and popular long-tail keywords. Online marketers use this tool to write a content which contain targeted keywords.
  • To find low SEO difficulty keywords, this tool can help you.
  • Every online marketer aims to achieve google SERP. ( Google SERP is nothing but the first page of google search results after searching particular keyword.)
  • You can able to find competitor’s targeted keywords as well.
  • KWFinder helps you to organize and analyze keywords which readers use while searching.
  • Although it is not available for free, you can create your free trial to check efficiency of tool.
How to Use it?

1.      Search by Keyword

  • In KWFinder, just type your keyword. Also, you can select location and language as a filter option. After that, click on green button i.e. “Find keywords”.
  • You will get long list of keywords based on 3 data sources:related keywords and autocomplete, questions.
  • Moreover, results will come in few metrics.Trend indicates search volume in last 12 months. Whereas Search indicates average monthly search volume.
  • CPC denotes average cost per click estimate in PPC advertising whereas PPC is the level of competition in advertising having range from 0 to 100.
  • KD is the keyword Difficulty based on URLs and LPS (Link Profile Strength) on the google SERP.

2.      Search by Domain

  • To know your competitors ranking, you can use search by domain option. Thus, it will give result in two categories:organic keywords (website ranks in organic search result, paid keywords (website appears in google ads results)
  • Also, KWFinder suggest you possible competitors and locations after your single input.
  • Here also, results will show in terms of metrics.
  • Only Pos and EV are different metrics involved in search by domain category.
  • Pos measures highest achieved position of website in SERP and EV estimates visits per month.

3.      Keyword Difficulty

  • It estimates the difficulty of keyword ranking on google SERP having scale from 0 to 100.
  • SERP metrics
  • This analysis is used to pick right keyword in terms of search content.
  • Metric includes DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), CF (Citation Flow), TF (Trust Flow), Links, FB, LPS & EV.

DA: Domain rank in SERP compare to others (Scale: 0 to 100)

PA: Page rank in SERP compare to others (Scale: 0 to 100)

CF:  analyze URL based on number of backlinks (Scale: 0 to 100)

TF: analyze URL based on quality of backlinks (Scale: 0 to 100)

Links: number of external authority-sharing links to the URL

FB: number of facebook shares

LPS: calculate difficulty to rank on particular position (Scale: 0 to 100)

You can save keywords in terms of list. Thus, it is an organize way of optimizing keywords.

Keyword Revealer

  • Keyword Revealer is a time saver tool used to find low-competition keywords. Also, you will be able to see difficulty rating for every keyword.
  • You are able to analyze competitor’s ranking on google SERP.
  • There is a Keyword brainstorming tool available because sometime it is difficult to find new phrases based on reader intent. Thus, it allows you to discover the brand new ideas for your keywords.
  • To automate the checking of rank of your keywords, rank tracking tool is available which shows ranking in google each day.
How to use it?
  • Working is similar as Keyword Finder. You can search keywords by applying filter of location and language.
  • After research, it will show the analysis of keywords in terms of difficulty ranking, trend in terms of graphical representation.

Tools for Writing Persuasive Marketing Copy

  • Persuasive Copy is a content designed to incline people to do actions. It has a purpose of selling a product or promoting a service or generating traffic on website.
  • Moreover, it keeps readers engaging in your content. Because they find your content useful. Audience is the most important target. So, you must give value to reader’s time and keep it simple, genuine and clear so that readers can understand easily.
  • Thus, if you focus on what they want, they will read your content. Also, they will share your content. Thus, you will be able to gain trust of readers.
  • There are some tools which you can use to write persuasive marketing copy.

Good Landing Page

  • Landing page is nothing but a medium through which you can convert your readers into leads. Because creating leads is a first step in developing relationship between your content and potential customers.
  • It offers resource to a customer in terms of ebook or webinar signup. But in exchange, it takes basic contact details of readers.
  • Mainly, this page is to serve basic advertisement of product by offering them something related to product. By giving rewards in terms of interesting content, readers will more likely to trust your brand.
How it works?
  • Reader look for a call to action and end up on landing page.
  • Readers fill their basic details in form in exchange of information or a free webinar. Thus, customer will become leads.
  • Then, customer information is stored in leads database.
  • Market for those things which you know about them.

  • It is a platform for marketers, copy writers, business minds who want inspiration for their new campaign or new content topic.
  • It analyzes psychology and strategy behind examples of marketing and copywriting.
  • Unlike other inspiration sites, not only inspire you but also help you be more effective in your marketing. It helps you to focus on things like great marketing strategy and persuasive marketing copy.
  • It is a new site, but they are developing fast.

Gary Halbert Letters

  • Gary Halbert is one of the greatest among all copywriters. His letters will help you to be a good copywriter.
Lessons taken from Gary Halbert Letters
  • You should start with right mindset to make great writing.
  • Always identify market and need of customers. Then, focus on a product.
  • Be a data-oriented rather than mobile-oriented. Always observe behavioral habit of customers regarding their buying choices.
  • You should try to catch attention of your readers. Thus, don’t let your mails go into the junk. Readers should not ignore your mails.
  • By personally addressing people, offering them some promotions and discount, You can capture attention of readers.
  • Stick to one formula: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action
  • Grab attention by headlines, then expand that headlines and add more clarity. After that, describe product details and finally, offers which will convince readers to buy.

Tools for Writing Killer Headlines

  • In every blog, headline is the most crucial thing to increase traffic on your website. It is a first impression to your readers.
  • Additionally, catchy and magnetic headlines are the one which force readers to capture attention. Also, you should able to create curiosity by your headlines.
  • By using specific number and data in your headlines, there will be more social engagement by readers.
  • Headlines should be useful, unique, ultra-specific and convey sense of urgency.
  • There are some tools which helps you to make headlines more effective.

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

  • This tool is quiet straight forward to provide blog topics directly.
  • It asks for a set of 3 keywords and provide you with new ideas for writing a blog.
  • To obtain exact content, use specific keywords.
  • Thus, this tool is really helpful for the beginners to obtain headlines for new topic.

Coschedule Headline Analyzer

  • After writing headline, it should be analyzed by someone. This tool helps you to analyze the headline by giving score.
  • It shows a detailed analysis in terms of word balance, word count, character count.
  • This is a free tool and don’t require any payment.
  • It keeps record of old headlines used. So, we can compare how better we are doing.
  • You can see the preview of your headline on search engine, social media and more.
  • Also, it provides tips throughout to improve your headlines.

Inbound Blog Headline Generator

  • This tool is used generate ready to use titles. Also, it is freely available.
  • If you want some inspiration to create your own title, this would be a good platform.
  • You can even rethink on previous options by going back.
  • But it will give one suggestion at a time. So, keep clicking on “Generate Title Idea” till you get required one.
  • Moreover, there is “need more Inspiration” button to get more help.

Tools for Word Processing and Digital Note taking

  • We can get ideas at anytime and anywhere. Because inspiration strikes anywhere. So, to work on those thoughts and ideas, you must note it down somewhere.
  • Whereas you can’t carry hardcopy everywhere. Also, in todays digital world, it is most feasible to use note-taking tools.
  • These tools are available online and more workable than hardcopy. Also, you can store these notes and sync across various devices.
  • You can search whenever you need a particular note. Moreover, many tools allows you to upload files, pictures, audio from web.
  • Let us look into some of the best tools.

Google Docs

  • It is specially designed as a word processor. But it is really useful to take notes on google docs.
  • Mainly, all the documents can be available on google drive easily. Thus, if you want to take notes related to particular document, you should use google docs.
  • If you are doing a group project, then you can take notes on google docs and share with your colleagues.
  • It provides you the ease of saving notes related to a particular document at one place together.
How to use it?
  • Even though google drive has good search capabilities, make a folder for all your notes. Due to this, you will be able to make organizational system for all your notes.
  • If you are working on a particular team project, google docs is the best way to share your notes with your teammates. Just click on share button in the corner and it’s done.
  • It helps you to take notes in the form of tables. This is the unique character of google docs. You can also split sections by using horizontal lines.
  • There are advanced search options available in docs. Thus, you can search some common terms by using filters such as type of file, ownership of file.
  • Also, it helps to search text from image-based pdf.

Bear Writing App

  • Bear note-taking app is flexible and beautiful app compatible only with iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • To organize your notes, just put hashtags and link those categories of notes with each other.
  • It provides focus mode to make you concentrate. Also, it has archive system which store deleted notes. Moreover, you can convert your notes into PDF or word doc.
  • It supports images and photos too. Thus, writing in bear is simple clean and readable.

Evernote App

  • Evernote is a great platform available for windows, android, Mac, android and iOS.
  • Also, it is a platform used to process hand-written notes and clipping of web articles.
  • It can accept multiple formats if you have a paid plan.
  • You can scan photos of hand-written notes if you don’t want to pay for photocopying. Moreover, it has ability to search text from images too.
  • It has a facility of web page clipping which can be saved on Evernote. Also, it is safe because it saves notes automatically. Even if you are offline, you can access your saved notes.
  • Also, you will be able to record audios of meeting, lectures without lifting a figure.

Tools for Finding the Perfect Word for Anything

  • While writing a blog, you always search for perfect word to convey an idea. To express write emotions or to explain difficult concept in terms of simple language you require perfect words.
  • Thus, to find perfect words, some tools are available online to find these words. Lets discuss.

OneLook Dictionary & Thesaurus

  • OneLook Thesaurus is a reverse dictionary allows you to search easily and use advanced filters.
  • It defines the meaning of words and give ideas for finding right words which is quite helpful. Further, it gives a default list of similar words. Also, it has facility to select words by nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
  • Moreover, you can install OneLook as an add-on in google docs.

The Idioms – Largest Idioms Dictionary

  • Idiom is a phrase or group of words which have figurative meaning.
  • It is a largest dictionary having collections of more than 60,000 entries which involves slang terms, phrasal verbs, proverbs, clichés, regionalisms, colloquialisms, expressions, sayings, abbreviations, and more.
  • Moreover, it includes examples of these idioms which defines how they can be used in everyday conversation.
  • It is a detailed dictionary contain origin and history of idioms.
  • Thus, you can use this tool to get appropriate words.

Words to Use

  • This platform was started as a collection of lists in spreadsheet for personal writing reference by Amy Morse. But these lists began to share around persons, friends and eventually it is made available online.
  • Now, it is used by copywriters, teachers, writers and more.
  • It is a unique way which help you to write about anything. Moreover, it divides subject-related words by part of speech.
  • It doesn’t provide any list of words. Rather it gives scenarios by using similar set of words in one sentence.

  • Alliteration is nothing but a repetition of letters, characters or sound in a sentence to create auditory balance.
  • It is used to make writing beautiful. Moreover, it occurs when more words with same consonant repeats in a series.
  • But, make use of alliteration if it sounds grammatically correct.
  • Also, it is not only about letters but also about sounds which relate each other sequentially.
  • It helps readers to remember fictional characters in visual elements.

  • RhymeZone is a platform used to find English words for essay, lyrics, poetry and more.
How to use it?
  • Type your word. There are many functions by which your search results may vary.
  • These functions are as follows:

rhymes: return exactly rhyme

near rhymes: return almost rhyme

synonyms: return similar words in meaning

descriptive words: return description of word in terms of adjectives

antonyms: return word with opposite meaning

definition: return meaning of the word

lyrics and poems: return examples of poetry, lyrics where word is used in a rhyme

homophones: return words with exact pronunciation

similar sounding words: return words with similar pronunciation

Match consonants: return words with same consonant pattern

similar spellings: return words with similar spelling and also used as a spell-check option

Match these letters: search for those phrases which contain word that you have typed

Search for pictures: find pictures on web related to word you have typed

Search in Shakespeare: Find all Shakespeare’s plays and poems which contain your word

Tools for Polishing & Proofing Your Writing

  • Proof reading and polishing is a crucial part of any writing.
  • Search engine check the quality of your writing thus giving ranking to your website.
  • To get higher ranking, your content should be grammatically correct and without mistakes.
  • Thus, following are some tools which ensure that your content is free of any type of error. Also, it makes sure that content is well polished and professional which will satisfy your readers.

Hemingway App

  • This app is designed to polish your writing by identifying common errors. Moreover, it highlights grammatical mistakes, fluency and sentence structure.
  • This app not only helps you to identify mistakes but also improve your writing skills.It has 2 modes: writing and editing
How to use it?
  • Open the Hemingway app. By default, mode is set to edit.
  • If you have written content, paste it. Thus, it will show you readability score, word count, reading time and tips to improve.
  • Sentence have low readability sore when there is passive voice, complex words. Thus, to increase this score, make sure that it will be understandable to kids as well.
  • Whereas, in write mode, you can directly start writing in app to save time.


  • This tool is used to detect grammar errors, spell check and piracy detection.
  • It finds the grammatical and punctuation errors and suggest real-time solutions to correct it. Hence, it allows you to communicate confidently.
  • It detects plagiarism (piracy) by comparing your content across the web.
How to use it?
  • Either copy and paste your content to check any errors available in it or import your word document directly.
  • You can use this app for writing directly so that it will find mistakes as soon as it happens.

  • Slick Write is a free application used to find grammar errors, stylistic mistakes and more.
  • It improves readability of your content and making you more competitive. Moreover, it shows result in terms of statistics that shows error percentage. And, this statistic is based on sentence length, use of adverb, readability, and more.
  • By breaking down sentence into simple, compound, complex or compound-complex category, it helps us to improve sentence structure.

After reading this article, you will be able to write perfect article by using mentioned tools.

To be a best copywriter, don’t forget to follow above steps.

Happy Writing!!!