Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial In 2021 – Step By Step Beginner Guide

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Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial in 2021 – Complete Guide Is Here | Facebook content Marketing for SEO & Branding: Compare with the other advertising platform which are too expensive, Facebook becomes a world largest advertising platform with Low cost targeted ads campaign Service.

Facebook ad is the perfect platform to connect with the large audience. People are spending most of his time on Facebook. Here ads can be targeted to narrow audience who are genuinely interested in your campaign.

Facebook algorithm update now. It is difficult to reach to the audience organically but due to Facebook micro ad targeting, you can reach to the exact match people to whom you want to show your ad.

Advantages Of Running Facebook Ads Manager Campaign

Facebook is the huge  audience platform & have variety of interest audience that can be very helpful for targeting.

  1. Budget for campaign is very less compare to others.
  2. Budget is as low as 76 INR per day.
  3. Targeting feature options are more.
  4. Variety of interest people at single platform.
  5. Post, Video, single picture,carousel ads can be created.
  6. Full control on ad placement on Instagram,Facebook feeds, Stories & others.
  7. Re-targeting campaign option is very benefited for drop-shipping &  E-Commerce.
  8. Easy to learn Fb ads & you can see live result in just few clicks.
  9. No limit for spending & ad run.
  10. variety of interest based targeting options.

On Facebook ,you can reach large audience with great budget , high conversion rate & huge investment returns.

How to run Facebook ad with Facebook ad manager: Step By Step Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial

Before starting advertising, we advice you first create Facebook Business page . Now you can start your Fb ad campaign on Facebook ad Manager.

Step 1. Install Facebook ads: Download install Facebook ad manager & open it.

Install Facebook ads app

Step 2. Open Menus:  Here you have to Click on these 3 Lines for menu.

Facebook ad Open Menus

Step 3. Select page & Create campaign :  In menu option you can select account “ Page” & than you have to Click on “Create Campaign” option.

select page
Create Campaign

Step 4. Select Objective :  Here you can Select objective of your ad. Example shown below-

  • Post engagement : Useful for engagement of existing post or content which are already posted.
  • Video Views : this option used for brand awareness by promoting Short/long video to reach no of people.
  • Website traffic :  if you want to redirect people to reach to your Website / Youtube or other E-com portal.
  • Reach : Generally used to reach maximum no. of people , useful for NGO/ other non profit people awareness content.
  • Messages : mostly used for consulting campaign.
  • Page likes : as name suggest , this option reaches to people who are tend towards page like activity.
  • Event responses : Useful for event registration & advertisement.
goal menu
Select goal

Step 5. Select Image & Visuals:  i will teach you about my Favorite option  ” Website Traffic” . this option i mostly used for  Content marketing to reach audience to my blogs, YouTube video marketing, E-commerce sale & Dropshipping.

As you can see here you you have various options here, i will teach you one by one.

Change image option:  in this option you can change

Format : Here you can select format of picture. i.e. single image format, Carousal ( Slider image format for product selling), single video format & Post.  \\ You can select based upon the requirement.

image selection
goal menu
Select goal

Step 6. Select Headline , primary text & Website : Now next step is to setup ad content & Website detail where you want to redirect.

In Headline & Primary text option you can type some catchy sentences to attract the viewers. in Website option you can put website ( YouTube ,Instagram, blog, E-commerce website link) where viewers land if they are interested in your Content.

Facebook ad 10
goal menu

Step 7.  Audience Selection : This is the most important part of your Facebook ad campaign ,  here in audience selection  you have 2 options.

Who Should See ad ? : This option mostly used for re-targeting. i.e if you don’t want to target new viewers & want to sell something to existing viewers those who already liked your previous posts within particular Timeframe. ( refer 2nd image for setting)

Audiences ( Create New Audience) : this option is used when you are targeting new audience, mostly used for new campaign. here various option you get “ Include these locations: targeting particular Location” , “ Exclude these locations: like if in india you want to exclude particular cities where your ad is not visible” ,” Age: targeting particular Age group” , “ Genders: targeting particular Gender” , “ Audience name: just for ref. purpose & future use you can name your audience” .

1st image: Audience Selection
re-targeting viewers
New targeting

Include who matches: targeting particular viewers who has interest in your product/ video (Example : for selling beauty product you should target interest people who already liked Shampoo Loral paris  also if you want to promote book you should target kindle readers. here various logic can be used for targeting).  Just see the below image how i target people for my job portal website.

1st image: Audience Selection
re-targeting viewers

Step 8Budget  & Schedule Selection :   Here in next step you can select your Budget & Schedule, my opinion is for 1 day ( cost around 76 INR only ) you can do trial with the selected audience & check result , if results are not as per requirement you can modify this campaign any time.

Facebook ad 17

Step 9Delivery & Bid selection : in this option you can choose when you get charged, my opinion is to select ” Link Clicks” since it the only thing important to you. also select bid option minimum as 1-2 INR, this will help you to control your budget, Automatic is also giving good results.

Facebook ad 18

Step 10Place order : Now your ad is ready for running, just click  Place Order. You can edit  it if something looking not good. Now face book will review your ad & it get it approved within an hours.

Facebook ad 19


Hope this article How to run Facebook ad  will help you to learn facebook ads manager tutorial  & reach you digital marketing goals. Facebook ad is booming now a days due to its cheap cost & targeted ad campaign.

Comment below if you face any problem in running Facebook ad campaign , i am here to help you.

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