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How to do free keyword research with Google keyword planner in 2020

Digital market is evolving day by day & competition for ranking on Google, YouTube & other search platform is becoming tough. Here we will teach you how to utilize ” Google Ads Keyword Planner” to rank on various platforms, this is a free keyword research tool of google which is used for free keyword search volume checker. although for detail keyword research you can use ” Semrush tool  ”  this tool i personally using for My SEO goals.

How to do keyword research with Google keyword planner in 2020

But if you are beginner we recommend you to take free trial of Semrushif still facing some issue we recommend to use lifetime free SEO tool Google keyword Planner.How to do keyword research with Google keyword planner in 2020

How to access Google Keyword Planner tool ?

Step by Step method for using Free keyword research tool of google which is used for free keyword search volume checker

STEP 1 : Log in to your Google Ads account if already having gmail account or Sign up  for gmail account than login.

STEP 2 : In Google add Dashboard , click on wrench   & Click on Expert Mode.

STEP 3 : Click on “Keyword planner”.

STEP 4 :  Now you are ready to use , Google Keyword Planner tool.

How to Use Google Keyword planner tool for Keyword Research ?

STEP 1 : Here after going to “Google Keyword Planner tool” you will see 2 options. “Discover New Keywords ( Recommended for Product Research keywords)” & “Get Search Volume & Forecasts ( Recommended for Blog & Content Keyword Research)“. Click on any option to Reach Keyword Plan ( See Here which option is best for you).

STEP 2 : Type Keyword on which you want to make Blog or Content & Click Get Results.

STEP 3 :  Now results are Shown this Way ( Just remember all red mark option is very useful for you).


How to Select a Good Keyword Google Keyword Idea result page ?

STEP 1 : Here in Result page  you will see, Keywords,Avg.Monthly Searches,Competition, Low & High bid range.

Image Source :

STEP 2 :  Here you can find ” High volume” “& Low competition ” keywords. ( Use Add filter option Or  Download Keyword ideas & apply filter)

STEPS 3 : Use Low competition  keywords with volume  greater than 1K.

( Cons of google keyword planner : Here you can’t get specific & real time data which is most important for key word research) here i am showing you result page of SEMRUSH result page which is used by Professionals.( Start Free Trial From Here)

Here i have Something For you for free:


Still Google Keyword Research tool can be used in better way.

Here is the Hack to Use Google keywords results in better Way

STEP 1 : Choose keyword which related to your niche which is in Google trending.
Example:-  open : Google trend,  select red mark detail depending upon your county & niche.

STEP 2 :  Download Google Keyword Planner results & apply filter & choose Competition less than 35.

STEP 2 :  Search for related topic on google search bar & collect Suggestions.

STEP 3 :  Collect google related Search sown in  bottom.

STEP 4 : Search keyword & use  google People also ask results sown in Middle.

STEP 5 : Write article on topic mentioned in set 1 & Blog description should Include keywords of Set 2, Set 3 & Google People also ask results.



Hope you enjoyed this blog. now i want hear you about your suggestion comments .

also Let me know which tool you used most for Keyword research tool.

Google Ads Keyword Planner is free keyword research tool of google which is used for free keyword search volume checker.

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