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How to solve invalid CAA DNS records Error in ?

How to solve invalid CAA DNS records Error in ? || Some times when people will verify there Domain on ZeroSSL they face problem in verification.

Invalid CAA DNS Record ERROR
Invalid CAA DNS Record ERROR

CAA Records are present in DNS records . you can find DNS setting in your hosting provider dashboard . this record is specifying that which Certificate Authorities are allowed.

for this issue ” Invalid CAA record, we have solution that was official issued by ZeroSSL website.

How to solve invalid CAA DNS records Error in ?
How to solve invalid CAA DNS records Error in ?

here we have 2 Solution to solve this error.

  1. Remove all CAA records from your domain ( which we don’t recommend )
  2.  New CAA record to your domain with as value ( Recommended )

Step by Step method to solve ZeroSSL Invalid CAA record Error for domain verification

  1. Open your Hosting provider dashboard.
  2. Find DNS management. ( Generally  you will get this option in “manage” button) .
  3. Open DNS editor ( option can be different for different hosting provider ) .
  4. Here you will get list of CAA record.
  5. Click on add new option.
  6. Add new CAA record  with – 0 issue “”-
  7. Now you can Click on verify. there will be no Error any more.

if error still not resolved , please comment i will help you.

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8 thoughts on “How to solve invalid CAA DNS records Error in ?”

  1. No way… it doesnt work…. No matter what you do…
    It always shows an error…. they are trying to get sales by showing errors so you desist and buy their subscription…
    I tried all the options to verify the domain… in the http file option, although I download the file from their own link, in the next step stilll shows the error…
    Its a scam!!!

    • Which hosting are you using???

      For godaddy & hostinger it is perfectly working…
      What you can do,just email to you domain registrar, they will help you to setup…….

      Or any website related service you can contact us also…..
      It’s not a scam, let’s encrypt & zero ssl already merged

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