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How to Start A Blog in 2020 to make Adsence Money (Step by Step Ultimate Guide )

How to Start A Blog in 2020 to make Money with Adsence (Step by Step Ultimate Guide ) || Digital Marketing is booming & people are making huge money with this. in this Year when other startups are struggling to survive. Blogging is becoming another source of income for newbies.How to Start A Blog in 2020 to make Adsence Money (Step by Step Ultimate Guide)You will get surprise that may bloggers are below 15 year old & earning huge money with blogging.  But if still if you have fear i can guide you for this . just follow the Below steps.

How to Start a blog ?

Here are the steps that you can follow & create your own money making Blog. but one thing you should remember it can take upto 2-3 month for getting traffic & only after that you should apply for Adsence. Also you need to be consistent & upload 3-4 SEO freindly article in a week.

Step 1 : Buy Domain name & Hosting from Trusted Authority. I Suggest Hostinger since i am already using it since long time & Customer support is also very good. They are offering free SSL certificate also.

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Step 2 : Install WordPress . It is very simple to do this i can recommend you one source to setup all this.

Step 3 : Create WordPress website for blogging. here is the video for making website.

Step 4 : Now you can Start publishing SEO friendly article after keyword research & SEO Content writing.

Step 5 : Submit Sitemap on Google search Console. So that google can easily crawl your Url & index easily.

Step 6 : Setup Google Analytics account to analyse traffic.

Step 7 : Now Wait for 1-2 month, so that your keywords start ranking.

Step 8 : Now go for the Adsence approval.

Follow above 8 Steps & you are ready for Blogging & earning Money, if you have any question or suggestion please comment below. i will answer you quickly.

happy Learning 🙂