How To Start A Blog To Make AdSense Money In 2021 (Short & Simple Step by Step Guide)

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How to Start A Blog in 2021 to make Money with AdSense (Step by Step Ultimate Guide ) || Digital Marketing is booming & people are making huge money with this. in this Year when other startups are struggling to survive. Blogging is becoming another source of income for newbies.

You will get surprise that may bloggers are below 15 year old & earning huge money with blogging.  But if still if you have fear i can guide you for this . just follow the Below steps.

How to Start a blog in 2021?

Here are the steps that you can follow & create your own money making Blog. but one thing you should remember it can take upto 2-3 month for getting traffic & only after that you should apply for AdSense. Also you need to be consistent & upload 3-4 SEO friendly article in a week.

Step 1 : Buy Domain name & Hosting from Trusted Authority. I Suggest hostings since I am already using it since long time & Customer support is also very good. They are offering free SSL certificate also.

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Step 2 : Install WordPress . It is very simple to do this I can recommend you one source to setup all this.

Step 3 : Create WordPress website for blogging. here is the video for making website.

Step 4 : Now you can Start publishing SEO friendly article after keyword research & SEO Content writing.

Step 5 : Submit Sitemap on Google search Console. So that google can easily crawl your Url & index easily.

Step 6 : Setup Google Analytics account to analyze traffic.

Step 7 : Now Wait for 1-2 month, so that your keywords start ranking.

Step 8 : Now go for the AdSense approval.


Follow above 8 Steps & you are ready for Blogging & earning Money, if you have any question or suggestion please comment below. i will answer you quickly. happy Learning 🙂, also you can refer below video by Neil Patel.

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