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Like KWfinder, it also provides SERP analysis i.e. the top ranking articles for the seed keyword you enter together with your chances for ranking in the top 20 for that keyword. This is incredibly important for making informed content marketing decisions.

Benefits of KWFinder are as follows:

  • You can access this service from anywhere in the world.
  • KWFinder provides a few free daily searches with limitations.
  • It helps you to find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty.
  • Providing Exact keyword search volume for the given keywords.

How accurate is KWFinder for keyword difficulty?

Ever keyword difficulty checker is different but generally they’re web based and extract data from the same sources. These data sources are the same because not many companies exist that have good metrics for web competition. The keyword difficulty scores are what sets these tools apart when they’re all using the same data.

KWFinder (by the way, they gave us a discount here):

KWFinders Low Competition Score is Considered Below 40.

They rely on Moz and Majestic data to formulate their keyword difficulty score.

This is their basic process in formulating the KD score:

  1. Analyze results on 1st page
  2. Look at the Moz link profile
  3. Include Domain Authority
  4. Average Out The Values Above

The first step is probably the vaguest, but here’s a screenshot of a response from their own blog post. Read our KW Finder Review while you’re here. (Source)

KWFinder Pros

  • The interface is plain gorgeous. I think it’s the best-designed interface of any keyword research tool.
  • It gives you 3 different ways to research keywords.
  • You can easily find important information like search volume and trends
  • It has a quick-look keyword difficulty score that’s easy to understand
  • It’s affordable, at least compared to many other keyword research tools
  • KWFinder helps you actually find profitable and rankable keywords pretty fast.

KWFinder Cons

  • It’s not a full replacement for tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush because it doesn’t let you perform competitor research
  • There’s no support for multi-tabbed research

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