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On Page SEO Checker : A Complete Guide For On page SEO

On page SEO checker –  Many of us are struggling with some critical errors while making a website. Nowadays, websites are an important aspect of marketing. These errors may be so critical that they can affect your web ranking significantly.

on page seo checker , A complete Guide for On page SEO, Free tool

So, there are some tools to overcome these types of errors. These tools are known as Search Engine Optimization tools (SEO). These tools will surely improve your website ranking. SEO tools are highly informed of today’s web user behaviours. SEO makes your website healthier so that your site gets top search engine rankings.

Free On page SEO checker tool

 In other words, SEO automatically examines different features of your web page. Also, SEO increases web page technical performance and make it error-free. Mainly, it improves your site ranking on search engines. Thus giving positive directions to your digital marketing efforts.

Types of SEO

There are three types of SEO tools. Such as on-page SEO, technical SEO, off-page SEO. These techniques improve your site rankings by all means.

What is on-page SEO and off-page SEO?

On-page SEO

It includes on-site techniques to rank up your web page on the search engine result page (SERP). This technique works on all the above mentioned (Metadata, structure, server configuration) features to boost your ranking. Note that these features are all under our control. That is maximizing the quality of these content will directly improve your performance rating.

Off-page SEO 

It makes your site popular by creating backlinks. Backlinks connect one website to the other for particular information. Such backlinks enable other websites to read your content thus increasing the authority of your topics.

How do you do On SEO step by step – Strategy

#1: Make a list of keywords.

#2: Study Google’s top webpages.

#3: Make a better content

#4: Quality backlinks

#5: URL’s for SEO 

#6: Improve your CTR

#7: Add emotions to your title tag

#8: Add current year description

#9: Avoid ad and image at the top of your page

Make a list of keywords

Note that keywords are the most crucial factors in search engine optimization. Keywords are those words used by target customers to search for content on search engines. Keywords can be found by using google suggestions. Make a list of at least 10 keywords to target your customer. Adding these keywords to your metadata will improve site rating significantly. Also, note that these keywords should not be longer than 50-60 words. You can check their score by keyword tools like SEMrush. More importantly, you need to add these keywords to your first 100-150 words of the article. Because google puts more effort into your early page work. Thus, try to maintain a large frequency of keywords.

Study Google’s top sites

Before content writing, you can go through some top Search Engine Rating Pages (SERPs). This will give you a clear idea of what to write.

Make better content

Try to write high-quality content. Instated of copying it from somewhere you can create your content. Copying someone’s content is not a better option. Because this type of content will not able to engage the readers. So, try to write better content.

Quality backlinks

Recent research shows that backlinks improve google page rankings significantly.

how to get backlinks- Learn here

Generally, it is seen that adding stats and data will get you some good links.

Also, it should be noted that one good link is more beneficial than the other 100 links.

URLs for SEO

Nowadays google using some wired URLs. Thus URL structure needs to be optimized. Use keywords while making the URL. Keep URL short and specific. URLs with keywords gate 40%-50% more click-through rate. This URL’s not only improved site ratings but also increases CTR.

Improve your CTR

CTR is the click-through rate. It is a ratio. CTR increases when viewers click on your advertisement instead of just watching it. It is used to measure the effectiveness of advertisements. Increasing your CTR will improve your site rankings.

Add emotions to your title tags

According to Backlinko research, titles with emotional touch get 6% to 8% more click through rates. This is an easy and effective way to increase the search engine ranking of your page. Note that do not add extreme emotional words to your titles. You can also add current year descriptions to increase CTR.

Avoid ad and images at the top of your page

Putting large images or advertisements at the top of your page makes a bad impression. Thus write the heading and introduction first. Then you can add some images to describe your content. This is the right and decent way for improving site ratings.

Information needed for on-page SEO

Meta information 

Headings define your whole content.

Meta information tells about the subject or title of your content. Thus, such titles help search engine to find their locations. Information in your content should be more relevant to given titles.

Metadata is a systematic way to categorize your data. This systematic approach reduces search engine work of finding data. Also, it should be noted that meta-information should not be too long or too short. Otherwise, it will be difficult for search engines to read the data. SEO will help to improve your meta-information.

Page quality

Maximize the quality of your content

The quality of your content determines the quality of your webpage. Quality content depends on the following factors.

Content should contain lots of new information. Importantly, try to avoid duplicate or copied content. Your webpage should contain a considerable amount of information in other words you have to minimize search engine work.

You can check all these issues with the help of SEO to improve your website ratings.

Page and link structure

Minimize search engine efforts

Your web page should follow the proper structure. In other words, your page should be easily readable by the search engine. Heading size along with their order is an important task. It should be noted that search engines always prefer well-structured and easily readable data.

SEO checker identifies these structural problems and helps to improve your ranking.

Server configuration

Upgrade your technical setup to a new level

Webpages with error-free technical setups improve your site ranking significantly. For easy data transfer between server and browser, better technical setups of webpages are important. Mainly, technical setups include HTTP headers, HTML file size, etc.

SEO improves page response time thus helps your site ratings.

Best 10 tools to check on-page SEO of a website

1.SEMrush On-page SEO Checker

2.Ahref’s keyword explorer


4.Screaming FrogSEO Spider

5.Google Developers PageSpeed Insight

6.MozON-Page Grader

7.OnPage Champ



10.GTMetrixGoogle Serch console

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