15 Bad Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogger Make [ Avoid Now in 2020 ]

Are you a person who’ve Started Blogging? And have made many little mistakes that you shouldn’t have made,
I know about this because when I started blogging. I too made many silly mistakes just because I didn’t had much knowledge about it. In this blog i will tell you about15 Bad Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogger Make in their Blogging.

Whatever the reason is all you need to be a perfect blogger to get success in blogging.

Here I’ve made a list of mistakes that very Amateur Blogger make . As it’s the starting of the journey to be a successful blogger

1. Bloggers Using Free Domain That needs to Avoid

It’s a very big mistake to use free domain. And this mistake is the one which every fresher makes in the starting if blogging.

I so did the same. But as I did a lot of hard work on free domain I don’t think I got any result.

So by sharing custom domain name and by registering a domain name can make you get the online presence with your blog along with the exposed you deserve.

Having a custom domain name, gives you the freedom to do whatever you wish to do with your blog. And with it, you can establish your own brand.

Some cons of using free domain name:

Some domain name service providers are NameCheap and Godaddy.

2. Amateur Blogger Not Choosing a Good Hosting Provider

Are you using any free hosting? Because you don’t have good hosting?

If yes, then here I’m going to let you know about good hosting. (Here)

Choosing a good hosting is dependent on what you need, and this involves the following:

  • The kind of website?
  • Will the site be static, dynamic or responsive?
  • Is it an e-commerce site?
  • Will there be application on site?
  • The site have need for the special type of software?
  • Will there be requirement for specific scripts like JavaScript, Php. ,etc.?

Once you are able of answering these questions, you’ll be able of doing what you want. And will be able of looking for a  web hosting.

3. Horrible Blog Design & Layouting

Using free themes is one of the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. Because it is only architect you’ve own build for your own destruction.

Using free themes can make your niche-based blog multiple times.

I know it because as you are a fresher you don’t have enough money to purchase theme so you use these free themes. And makes your blog terrible.

But I suggest that if you are starting your blog you should make a budget for premium themes. Because most of the free themes don’t optimize SEO and also didn’t gives you the speed. They are also not easy to customize.

Some reasons about any you should invest in premium theme:

  • Premium themes look very professional
  • Premium themes updates frequently
  • These resolve your issues and ate supportive

4. Amateur Blogger Copying Content  From Other Websites Without Giving Credit

For many bloggers it’s a difficult task to write the content, so they prefer copying the other bloggers content without their permission.

And this is the only reason they never ranks on Google. Because the content which they’ve copied has already ranked on Google. So the content they write comes under plagiarism.

So, what is plagiarism?

It’s a type of SEO suicide which you do by copying others content. And it is mostly hated by the google.

Always try to produce the content on your own. Because if your produce your own content you can give your personal touch to the blog which you would never give by copying.

I also made this mistake but thoroughly I understood that it won’t help in long terms.

5. Bloggers Not Writing Consistently & Left after sometime

This is one of the biggest mistake you should avoid right now.

Some fresh bloggers in the starting of 5-6 months don’t see the good result coming out from their blog.

So they stop writing. But you can’t decide your blog future by just writing few blog post.

If you want to see the good result never stop giving your efforts. And never stop writing after few blog posts.

Keep writing consistently with attractive keywords so that google could notice these in few months.

6. Amateur Bloggers Make Mistake in Building Backlinks Like Crazy with Spam Score

Are backlinks extremely important for amateur?

If you are a fresher in blogging then the answer must be “yes”.

But there is misconception in fresher that for ranking a new site you have to build many backlinks in the starting.

Because every amateur blogger makes few blog post and after few days start building links.

And it’s absolutely wrong!!!

When should you start building links?

For building links, I would suggest that in starting rather than focusing on link building you should give your efforts in making good content.

By creating comments on others blog it would help yours blog too and by commenting on others blog through no-follow back link comments.

So, if you have approx. 30-100 posts, you can start building links.

7. Not Sharing Others Content & Sharing Only Your Content

Are you sharing others content related to your niche?

If you ask to the fresh blogger this question, he would answer that they don’t share others content. But to be very honest I would answer ”yes”.

Because as we share others content, it makes a good connection with them.  Also it can help us in future.

Its blogging or a business,

If you give follow back and shares the content of others then automatically it would create a better impact on the other person. And consistently your content would also get share by other bloggers in your industry. Definitely it will increase the On-page seo Score.

8. Bloggers Not Linking To Others Articles

Blogging is all about the Give N Take.

Linking to others can only make you help getting back link in return. And if you are not linking to others then the chances will decrease of getting back the back links I’m return.

Getting linking with the reputed bloggers can make your better relationship with them. If you’ll get link to there then it will also help you getting rank on Google.

9. Amateur Bloggers Scared Of Invest In Plugins / Tools That Can Give More Results

Every amateur made this mistake, whether he is successful or not.

Without investing money on the things which is important for being a successful blogger you can’t be what you want.

Once you start investing money on plugins/ SEO tools or on your learnings you will start observing a j-curve in your life and on your blog too.

Just always try to make budgets for your tools or plugin which would help you in the journey of successful blogger.

Some of the plugins/ tools on which you should invest are:

  • Grammar
  • Thrive architect
  • Short pixels
  • SEMrush

10. Not Looking to their Analytics

Amateur blogger just writing content like crazy & not looking to there Analytics.

it is very necessary to check analytics on regular basis to understand how articles are performing.

To increase stay time of user & Avg. Session Duration , you have to regularly analyze this session & improve your blog if needed.

it is also a most important factor to Rank your Web site.

11. Not Registering  on Google Search Console

Beginner bloggers do not now much technical, but still they need to know some basics, for any new website it is very important to get register on google search console.

Here are benefits:

1: Bloggers can see for which query they are ranking

2: Can see website performance

3: Bloggers can see if their URL index or not.

12. Too Much Sharing on Social Media

Beginner bloggers are sharing  their content on social media & Groups without thinking that it’s a spamming.

After some time most of the website gets blocked by Social media due to Spamming & sharing unethicality.

This will give direct indication to google & website ranking decreases.

13. Buying Backlinks From Random Websites

Amateur bloggers are buying backlinks from unauthorized websites , these websites are just creating Chinese backlink that harms to your website & increase website spam score.

Every blogger should create backlink manually by guest posting & other white hat method.

14. Not Choosing Less competitive & Long tail Keyword

Amateur bloggers are not doing keyword analysis Deeply.

In initial Days when beginner bloggers start blogging they are just choosing high competitive Keywords by seeing it’s volume.

people should understand that New website have low DR rating so even it they write good article website will not rank.

Choosing a long tail keywords are recommended for Amateur Blogger.

15. Bloggers Not Using Speed Optimization Plugins

Many Plugins are available in WordPress to speed up the website.  but those are not very effective.

Choosing a right Plugin is most important thing to make website faster.

Here are Recommended Plugins:

1: WP-Rocket

2:Lite speed Cache

3: WP-Optimize

4: Smash


Hope you Liked about article ” 15 Bad Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogger Make “, Please tell us your view point Below.

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